Thursday, March 10, 2011

the simple things in life

(cardigan-Old Navy, shirt-forever 21, skirt-forever 21, tights-target, shoes-target)
So first off...I'm still a day behind, still learning how people have time to take photos every day of their outfits! Oh well, ya live, ya learn!
 I bought this skirt for one reason....the pockets! The simple things in life, like these pockets make me happy!  Why do pockets make me so happy? Perhaps it's the ability to put money in my pocket and walk across the street and get coffee on a break without having to lug my purse with me, or that I can put an emergency piece of gum in my pocket, you never know when your breathe will be not so fresh! Pockets are perfect for so many reason! I <3 them! 

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