Tuesday, May 31, 2011

remember day weekend

Well remember day weekend was nothing like I expected it to be. I got absolutely NO crafting done! I decided laundry and cleaning are far more responsible than making a bigger mess with crafts! Also had a friend visiting from out of town for a wedding. It may have been one of my most favorite weddings ever! Everything they did was absolutely adorable! I need a better camera so I don't have to rely on my ole ticker to keep accurate footage of these things!
the lovely bride & groom and crazy dancer behind them

On Monday, 5 of us girls decided to get out of the house and into lycra and nature! We had blast picnicking on the trail and enjoying just one of the many beautiful trail our state has to offer! Now I just gotta do that more often so I'm not so stinking sore the next day. Happy Tuesday everyone!
the lovelies

Friday, May 27, 2011

under my umberr-ella ella ella

Rain might be falling from the sky here in the pacific northwest, but by golly, I'm not gonna let it get me down! With an extra day in the weekend I've decided to dub this weekend 'D.I.Y. Memorial Day Extravaganza'. The fun part will be that I'm going to try to not to spend any money on my crafting adventures.
Not really sure if I can do this, but we'll give a it a good shot!

If I was gonna spend money this weekend, I'd buy me some of these....


Aren't they adorable?!?! What shenanigans do you have planned for this Memorial Day weekend?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


-after a friendly, professional conversation being asked by an OBVIOUSLY married man if I was married as he is walking out the door. He had no reason to ask me that whatsoever nor explained why.

-going to Target to return a shirt and remembering as I pull it out, I put a tampon in the bag that morning as it flies out onto the counter. Male Target Employee was not amused. Obviously, he didn't have sisters!

-walking down a long hallway in adorable platform shoes envisioning myself on project runway only to trip and turn around to see someone else giggling at my not so 'grace'ful moves.

-taking pictures of myself for the blog and seeing my neighbor stare at my through their window, next time I'm recruiting.

-completely scraping the side of a car trying to pull out of a driveway, going back to take a picture of that car and leave a nasty note with a picture of their car hanging into the driveway....

-singing this song all day when it's a Monday! The plus side is remembering what order the days of the week go in.

-texting someone about an iphone I was selling on craigslist, finding out they were in high school and their dad wanted to talk to me. I felt like I was in trouble.

-calling someone I talk to everyday on the phone by the completely wrong name, she acts confused and then I was totally  unable to recover or remember her name, instead I just try to laugh it off and hang up. 


-This weekend will be the first three day weekend in a very long time! I need it! And a four day week next week always go fast!

-going to my nephews baseball game and as I'm walking up to the field my niece and nephew run across the field to tackle me, makes me feel like a VIP!
wouldn't you want to be tackled by them too???? Ahhhdorable!
-realizing I have a whole 3 followers! Yay me!

-one of my bestest lifelong friends moving back to town after living far far away for a looooong time! 

-small glimpses of sunshine...summer you aren't that far away are you?

-happy hour..nuff said

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oldie but a goldie

It's on days like these that I'm so glad I never tried to sell these shoes to Buffalo Exchange years ago. I saw these awhile back and loved them, but I found them awfully close to the ones I already own! 
If only I could always remember what I have hidden away in 'the darkness' also known as my closet when I go shopping. Then I would always be rockin' clothes from 2000 and not compulsively buying. Okay, maybe not, but it's a good reminder that there just might be a treasure still tucked away in your closet. 
If you do, what is it???

Speaking of oldies, take a listen to this goldie.
Ignore the veininess of my feet and admire the cuteness of these shoes

Love, LOVE the elbow patches!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mom's Day

 Today we celebrate ALL the lovely women who have been awake all hours of the night, barfed on, pooped on, changed a sick amount of dirty diapers, cried on, laughed with, relied on, and soooo much more. I decided to make my mom her card instead of buying one in the card isle.

I also decided it would be fun to have my nephews and niece make some towels for their mom and my mom (their grandma). I made the mistake of trying to do paint with all three of them at once. It was craziness. They thought it was funny that I chose maroon paint and it looked like blood on their hands. That turned into covering their shirts with 'blood' and almost turned into the floor being covered in paint. Luckily I did think ahead and put newspaper down to prevent that from happening. Nothing says "We love you mom" like bloody handprints, right?!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Making my moms card

Saturday, May 7, 2011


(Tank-vintage chicos, Cardigan-Forever 21, Pants-H&M)
After coming back from sunny California, I'm having a hard time dressing for the cold weather again. We were fortunate enough to have sunny days for the beginning of this week.  As I opened my front door today, what did I find?!........ Freshly soaked ground, gotta love the rain! I'm pretty much over it by now, thus wearing bright colors to show these clouds I'm breaking up with them and want me some sun! Yah hear me?!?!?! Move along! We'll see you in November!

Call me!

Get me outta here!