Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


-after a friendly, professional conversation being asked by an OBVIOUSLY married man if I was married as he is walking out the door. He had no reason to ask me that whatsoever nor explained why.

-going to Target to return a shirt and remembering as I pull it out, I put a tampon in the bag that morning as it flies out onto the counter. Male Target Employee was not amused. Obviously, he didn't have sisters!

-walking down a long hallway in adorable platform shoes envisioning myself on project runway only to trip and turn around to see someone else giggling at my not so 'grace'ful moves.

-taking pictures of myself for the blog and seeing my neighbor stare at my through their window, next time I'm recruiting.

-completely scraping the side of a car trying to pull out of a driveway, going back to take a picture of that car and leave a nasty note with a picture of their car hanging into the driveway....

-singing this song all day when it's a Monday! The plus side is remembering what order the days of the week go in.

-texting someone about an iphone I was selling on craigslist, finding out they were in high school and their dad wanted to talk to me. I felt like I was in trouble.

-calling someone I talk to everyday on the phone by the completely wrong name, she acts confused and then I was totally  unable to recover or remember her name, instead I just try to laugh it off and hang up. 


-This weekend will be the first three day weekend in a very long time! I need it! And a four day week next week always go fast!

-going to my nephews baseball game and as I'm walking up to the field my niece and nephew run across the field to tackle me, makes me feel like a VIP!
wouldn't you want to be tackled by them too???? Ahhhdorable!
-realizing I have a whole 3 followers! Yay me!

-one of my bestest lifelong friends moving back to town after living far far away for a looooong time! 

-small glimpses of sunshine...summer you aren't that far away are you?

-happy hour..nuff said

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