Sunday, July 31, 2011


Since moving into my amazing new place, my only dilemma is finding a good spot to take pics. At my old house, I had a couple different outside areas I could sneak to and take my pics without anyone noticing. Here, I'm surrounded by people and houses that would def see me and think I was a little strange. Not sure if I am ready to embrace the strangeness of setting my phone on some surface to be my makeshift tripod or keep hiding in my room where the lighting is horrible!

using a fence as my 'tripod'

When I was moving I found this dress my sister got me 3 years ago for my birthday, and haven't wore in awhile! I love that she is so good at picking things out for me. So good in fact, that I have a cardigan that is the same fabric I bought not too long before she gave me this dress. I wore that alllllllll the time, great minds think alike!!! The dress and matching cardigan never made it as a couple though. Not sure if I could see that look coming back anytime soon.

What do you think?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been off and on warm in Portland, so when I heard it was gonna be warm on Sunday I was all about the sun dress...till I remembered I was scheduled to teach in Sunday school at church...def don't want the kiddos going home and telling their mom and dad all about my rainbow bright undies. Super embarrassing!! Then I had a thought...what if, I bring back the ole shorts under the dress trick like in elementary school! That always worked and I could swing around on the bars all day with shorts on! Sadly the only shorts I have are running shorts and sleeping boxers. Then I had a DIY moment, why don't I just chop off  a pair of leggings and rock them as shorts. Here it is in it's masterpiece form...don't mind the dorky face...

Feelin old skool in the babydoll dress and bike short look. What have you done for the sake of modesty and embarrassment?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

from awhile ago

It's official, I'm a slacker!!! I've been so bad about blogging since I moved into my new place! Partly because my outfits have been less than exciting lately and partly because I've been lazy! Here's just one of the many new new adventure happening at my new home.....
This evening I decided to try to be hospitable and have friends over for dinner. I was planning to make a pizza. Simple enough, right?! Nope, not for me! These ovens in my new place are adorable, I like to call it the easy bake oven, except not so easy! Long story short, there's a little on/off switch on the side. Which I thought meant oven on/off....learned that was for the oven automatic turn on at the future time you tell it to switch. Lesson learned. So glad I figured that out before my landlord came over with our appliance guy! This blonde hair may not be 100% natural, but sometimes I wonder....
easy bake oven (ignore the mess...this picture was from moving day)

This outfit goes to show, when a dress is too short, just throw another one on right underneath, no one will ever know...or will they?! 

Happy almost Friday everyone!!!!