Friday, September 30, 2011

to quilt or not to quilt

We finally made it into NYC! After  a 5 hour delay in Chicago we finally made it! While in the airport we did A LOT of peeps watching. If I could get paid to sit at airports and watch people passby all day, I would. So interesting. Where are you from? Where are your going? Why? Why did you wear that? What's your favorite color? You know all the normal questions people want to ask other people. 

These bags flooded the Chicago airport, almost every woman and some men had one slung over their shoulder. Different colors, different patterns, some were small, some BIG. The jury is still out discussing whether or not we really enjoy them or not.

On another note, my shoes got plenty of attention yesterday, even a lady decided a sneak a I decided to take a pic too, so we can ALL enjoy them once again! Wasn't sure if the attention was because they like or if their jury was still out on my feet full of sunshine?!

Off to a broodway show, shopping and fun in NYC!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Bags are packed....on our way to NYC!!!

A little tribute to our trip

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the dog days are over

I love summer! It's my second most favorite season on the year. The warm weather, longer days, tans, cold drinks. Everything just makes me happy!

The winner of my favoritest season is FALL!! That's right, the leaves changing colors, the warm apple crisp in the oven, sweaters, gorging myself on homemade chili and cornbread, the smell of the crisp air, reading a good book in a warm coffee shop...I could really go on and on about how much I love fall!! The adjustment between summer and fall is the only part I don't really like very much. There's a couple weeks where you feel like a woman in menopause. Am I hot or am I cold, do I bundle up or strip down?! Hay yay yay!

The first week of our adjusting period I was away from my closet and unfortunately packed for warm weather! Luckily I was at a friends house and she had some things in her closet I could layer underneath my blazer to keep me warm. Otherwise I would've been stuck wearing a work out tank or mini skirt in the blustery rain!

Blazer-H&M, Shirt-Borrowed, Jeans-F21

Blazer-H&M, Cami-Borrowed, Jeans-UO, Flats-Buffalo Exchange

The dog days are over!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This fall season I can't take my eyes off all the adorable capes everywhere! My first love was one made by Pendleton in their Portland collection. On my birthday, I went to downtown Portland to watch the fashion show which is the video you see on this page. The sad thing is my camera/phone takes horrible pictures. This is the only one that turned out decent from the whole night

Driving home today I thought more about the cape that will soon grace my closet! Here is one I've got my eye on as well a little polyvore outfit I quickly made up, you'll have to excuse the sparseness of it, it's actually my first polyvore that I've saved. As wonderful and resourceful as this site can be, it can also be quite daunting!


ASOS army coat
$73 -

Maison Scotch beach pants
$159 -

J Crew high heel boots
$298 -

Gorjana heart bracelet
$55 -

Saturday, September 10, 2011

100 years of style

I'm a little behind on my youtube watching and blog reading, but I just watched this and am in love! They did such a great job capturing all the different looks, I had to watch it a couple times to get all the nuances in each outfit.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mad Men

skirt:vintage cardigan:UO tank:H&M shoes:F21 belt:vintage

I'm a little behind, but have finally started to watch Mad Men, feels like everyone kept talking about. So So I decided to give it a try. I'm almost done with the first season. I've gotta say, it was a little slow to get off the ground, but I just might like it! There's something about the show that I love, not sure whether it's the corny language,  the amount of alcohol consumed, or the adorable outfits Betty Draper and all the girls wear.

At work today one of my co-workers commented on my outfit, saying it's so "retro". I'd like to think it's due to the excessive amount of Mad Men I've watched in the past week being sick and in bed most of it. Was supposed to pull off a 60's outfit, but this just might have to do for the time being...
Today's outfit is a perfect mash up of Betty Draper and Peggy.


Monday, August 22, 2011

the simple things

One of the wonderful doctors I work for, brought this in for me today! I've gotta say, it's the simple things that make super happy! Haven't had a chance to browse through it yet, but New York Times and fall fashion are two things that make this Monday much more tolerable! He also informed me that Eperanza Spalding is from Oregon!!

The excitement is mounting as I prepare for my trip to NYC and the fall season! (is it mounting or mounding??) I recently learned I've been saying the phrase "cop a squat" wrong my entire life! Always thought it was "pop a squat" ... ooops! I've alway messed up those idiams like that and wondered why people were laughing behind my back, now I know!