Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's been off and on warm in Portland, so when I heard it was gonna be warm on Sunday I was all about the sun dress...till I remembered I was scheduled to teach in Sunday school at church...def don't want the kiddos going home and telling their mom and dad all about my rainbow bright undies. Super embarrassing!! Then I had a thought...what if, I bring back the ole shorts under the dress trick like in elementary school! That always worked and I could swing around on the bars all day with shorts on! Sadly the only shorts I have are running shorts and sleeping boxers. Then I had a DIY moment, why don't I just chop off  a pair of leggings and rock them as shorts. Here it is in it's masterpiece form...don't mind the dorky face...

Feelin old skool in the babydoll dress and bike short look. What have you done for the sake of modesty and embarrassment?


  1. classic, all that's missing is some lace at the bottom of those shorts.