Monday, April 18, 2011

reach for the sun

You really need to listen to and watch this song, it will wash the case of the Mondays away!

Now that we're on the same page, don't you just love that that song is on Scrubs?  Although this group really does dress like that, the jury is still out discussing their style. Also wanted to let you know, I will be hiring someone to come and throw random balloons at me as I lip sync to this song running through the meadow. Please email me your resume.

Now seriously, today has been so beautiful here in the great NW. I love listening to this song on my runs. Sometimes I find myself fist pumping as I sing along...the looks I get make it all worth it.
Happy Monday!!
(Top-LOFT, leggings, shoes,necklace-Forever21, sunglasses-RayBan)


  1. The weather has been SO SO nice this week :) I live in Portland too--I found you on that fashion & blogger map :) Love the drapey shirt.

  2. Thanks! So glad you found me on the blog map,--wasn't Saturday's Sun the most wonderful thing in 2011 so far?! Portland is so beautiful, I love it here! Even if it's overcast and cold again today! It's never predictable in PDX! :)