Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it's a toss up

I found these amazing shoes on Nordstroms website and decided I needed them for this spring/summer! They are the perfect color + t-strap + stacked heal + = gracie must have.
 I ordered them instantly and got them last week. When I got them, I was so excited to open the box and try them on, to my surprise there was a giant glue mark on the toe. The bad thing about getting light colored shoes. I figured for $90 I gotta be the one to make those sort of marks on my shoes. I took them back and we ordered another pair. I got them today and....there was another mark on this pair, but in a different spot!! I'm  torn, should I return these and try again for a third time or just face the fact that maybe me and these adorable shoes aren't meant to be?

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