Thursday, June 16, 2011

Totes Awkward and Totes Awesome Thursday!


Wearing my skirt backwards today because I realized there's a grease stain on the bum! I would totes rather have that on my front. This girl doesn't need any more reasons for people to stare back there!

Walked up to my apartment and found someone peering in my windows to check out my place. Gee landlord, you don't even let a girl move out before renting out her place!

Taking pictures of dirty graffiti on the side of my building and getting strange looks from an awkward man walking by. "no sir! I'm not a pervert, this is super funny and must be documented with multiple pictures! Move along"


It's bagel day at work!! Woo hoo! It truly is the simple things in life that make me happpy!! :)

Moving!! Just across the river again, but I love moving!

Happy hours with friends I haven't seen in foreva eva!

Building forts with my nephew and niece

Aren't they so precious! 

Happy Thursday amigos!

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